Intellectual Property



Intellectual Property is an integral part of every individual’s work. Every creation that is the outcome of one’s intellect can be protected from being stolen through the enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights. Worldwide Management Solutions, we understand the importance of protecting one’s intellectual properties and therefore our team makes sure that when you come to us your work is safe from all thefts. Worldwide Management Solutions provides Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Designs.

We are specialized in Securing INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY which includes;

• Trademark Registration/Protection, Renewal and Amendments
• Trademark agreements for Assignment, Licensing and franchise
• Patent Registration/Protection/Renewal
• Web Domain Name Registration as trademark and Renewal
• Copyright Registration/Protection
• Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Consultancy

Our services for intellectual property are available not only for UAE but we also provide services for registering your Intellectual Property in other countries either through our direct offices or our associates.

We proceed with the required registrations as per client business as well as their goods/services of interest. Please provide us your basic business information so that we may assist you in identifying the most relevant classification of goods and service.